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Job Description Summary
The function of the package utility operator is to follow supervisory staff instruction by performing basic heavy labor activities in the packaging operation.
This position is responsible for feeding cases to the Dyna Pak COP system, or Dyna Pak Attendants depending on system in place. Will be responsible for hand palletizing of product where and when required, for applying stretch wrap material, meta stacking aids and band when and where required. Position will be required to keep packaging areas in a clean and sanitary condition. Position may be required to work downtime cleanups as directed.
Job Description
Place and remove totes under bulk off chutes and out of cold boxes as needed.
Assure proper procedures are used in bulk totes (clean liner, lids, belly bands, ect.) Assist in proper manifesting of bulk and cased goods as needed.
Place cases on pallets in designated patterns.
Place stretch wrap on pallets of product. Place stacking aids on and band them to pallets of product as required.
Place bundles of cases on feed systems to Dyna Paks; load bundles of cases in COP magazines.
Perform miscellaneous duties associated with cased product (i.e. remove damaged cases, glue loose flaps, rework light weights, etc.) Keep work areas in a clean and sanitary condition.
Keep auto-palletizers supplied with slip-sheets.
Use and follow safe lifting techniques.
Keep all tools and equipment not in use in their assigned locations.
Must actively practice and abide by all company work, safety and personal hygiene rules and polices.
Works downtime cleanups as directed.
Perform similar and incidental duties as required.
Job Qualifications
Standing/Walking: (Continuously) combinations of standing/walking are required for up to 7-8 hours each day and at each station.
Sitting: (Rarely) Worker must be standing in order to perform tasks appropriately.
Lifting: (Frequently) 30-50# floor to waist level, when palletizer breaks down or loading ingredients to process.
Lifting: (Occasionally) 25-35# floor to crown level, when loading ingredient to process or staking pallets.
Lifting: (Occasionally) 36.5# waist to 6'8" when loading cardboard bundles.
Carrying 2-handed: (Frequently) 30-50# ingredients up to 40' to load into the process.
Pull/Push: (Rarely) 100# force required when loading totes in the process.
Forward bending: (Occasionally) forward bending for 5 minutes up to an hour per work day when doing clean up or handling ingredients.
Kneeling: (Occasionally) to do clean up activities or loading pallets or retrieving ingredients to enter into the process.
Crouching: (Occasionally) to do clean up when sweeping or handling ingredients.
Grasping: (Continuously) 75# grip required for hose handling and when manually handling ingredients.
Climbing: (Occasionally) climbing may be necessary during the shift as needed. Climbing on regular stairs is required at times to access work station. Climbing of one to two steps ladder to load ingredients is necessary at times during a normal workday.
Balance: (Continuously) Good balance is required to access workstations and navigate throughout the process and in loading ingredients. Balance is required in order to perform the job safely.
Vision: (Continuously) good vision is required to operate equipment safely and maneuver ingredients and self through the process. Also to read measurements and weights in the process and product identification. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist